My First Cli Project -Flatiron

I just recently finished my first cli project and let me tell you. I wonder if my brain has ever worked this hard. From article to article, lecture to lecture , spending 20 hours some days fixing errors, I was finally able to get through it .

Bend, Oregon Breweries

I decided to do my project in the breweries and beers if Bend Oregon . This is a place that I have recently traveled to multiple times and am now planning to move there in the future . So I thought it would be a good fit .

Struggle 1-

One of the main struggles for me was debating to use an api it to scrape the data. At first I was going to do a project on the Nfl, thinking I was going to use api, but then as time went on, and I navigated through different sites , I came to the conclusion that the breweries of Bend would be a great pick considering the html site that I found , and the type of project we are doing . I decided to scrape this website, and after watching tutorials it went smoother than I thought it would.

Struggle 2-

Another topic that I struggled on, which seems so simple, is just the initial set up to get the paths in correct order. After switching up the locations of my requires and require prys 1,000 times ,I was able to get things running . This problem was actually one of my last problems I had to fix, with my last class , “Beer”. I kept getting a name error that pointed to the Beer class, and after a while I realized , all I had to do was require_relative for Beers.rb in my environment folder and I was set to go.


Over all, creating this gem was a tough but satisfying learning experience . It’s nice to have the resources that flatiron provides , plus many more, including your cohort. This project took many hours. Sometimes even spending hours on the same error, if I’m telling the truth (litterally). But now it’s apart of my learning experiences and I’m excited for the new challenges flatiron has to come.

student at flatiron school