Why did you decide to learn software development?

Software development is something that I wasn’t exposed to until later on in life. Being in my early 20s, attending college, playing sports, while exploring new skills and hobbies, I came across Software Engineering. So I did some research, downloaded some apps, and started to really get into it. I couldn’t believe how much I actually enjoyed it, and how many resources there are available to learn. It was interesting to see the different program languages and how they are implemented and executed in our everyday use of technology. I then came across Flatiron school, and no doubt I had to take the opportunity to excel in this subject the best way possible. So I bought a few Udemy courses to get a head start and now I’m here today.

One of my skills has always been problem solving, which is another reason I was drawn to software engineering. I’ve always found myself enjoying things like puzzles, or doing research to answer questions. So why not explore a field that entails a lot of that? It’s amazing to be able to learn the ins and outs of something that has such an impact on society today. Sometimes I like to go deeper and think about the code of the universe, and if it’s similar to software engineering.

I give myself a hard time for disregarding coding earlier on in life. I’ve definitely learned my lesson. But i will say that the past is in the past and I’m excited to have started my Software engineering journey .

student at flatiron school